Driving and Texting

Its kind of scary to say the least that so many people die from texting each year and its getting worse. Today I watched videos that broke my heart while in my class. You don’t realize how much of an impact technology has on our lives. Technology has taken over our everyday lives and puts us at risk everyday without being aware of it but especially for people who drive.

Did you ever think that person with a cellphone who is texting in a car could change you life?

Well wake up because they can!

No Text is worth a life. It can always wait.

So many people have lost there lives because someone just had to answer the text and not look up in time to see what was in front of them and it was to late. But its not just the drivers its pedestrians too. We are so consumed by our cellphones that we rather look at our cellphones while crossing the street and get mad at another person because they got in your way and yell at a driver because they weren’t paying attention to us when we should be the ones to always be  on alert.

Why is it we rather look down instead of up. How many people do you see in your daily lives with a cellphone its almost everyone….and how many really pay attention to the world around us.

Ask yourself this can I stop for a moment to just leave a text alone. Not check your Facebook, your twitter our what other social media is out there. Leave it be and let yourself enjoy the life that is around you.

Today was a interesting day to say the least sitting in my 5 hr class watching heart breaking videos of people affected by texting while driving. It was very informative and made me open my eyes to what is around us. But it wasn’t just about texting it was also about safety and being alert.

I believe I’m ready to get behind the wheel again. Its been a long time coming, more like years since I have been behind the wheels but this is something that I need to accomplish.

I’m excited to finally have this new chapter in my life begin. The journey into my future at being a driver and much more.Stay safe and love life

The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself. - Wallace Stevens


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